Why should we Flip the Clinic?

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  • Because the clinic provides such a valuable interaction— and because there are so many ways to make it better.

  • Because new tools, technologies, and strategies will help us get more out of a 15-minute visit.

  • Because shifting the clinical environment will strengthen the relationship between patient and care provider.

  • Because our health depends on it.

  • Because providers would like to find more joy in their practice.

  • Because the clinic should be a more nurturing place for patients.

  • Cancergeek on No. 14
    First, I have to agree with Nick. Great points. Thanks to Susannah for highlighting this flip on Twitter. Next, I … read more

  • Nick on No. 14
    I love this flip. There are some really powerful things embedded in the Symcat idea. In particular, the idea of … read more

  • Susannah Fox on No. 14
    I shared this "flip" on Twitter and it generated quite a few responses. I'm hoping some folks will make the … read more

  • Susannah Fox on No. 14
    Symcat is intriguing, for sure, and would help the estimated 1 in 3 US adults who say they've gone online … read more

  • Jerry Doby on No. 7
    Read this from a patient's perspective...it is a great guide...thanks for sharing read more

  • Mark Salke on No. 7
    Knowledge prescriptions. What a great idea. Perfect for the empowered patient. read more

  • @hieditor on No. 7
    Check out components of our "health information prescription", the hix (hi views), on www.consumerhealthinfo.ca - so important to "upsell/market" everything … read more

  • Jo Ann Woodward N P on No. 11
    I really like this idea read more

  • Jo Ann Woodward N P on No. 11
    I believe in this idea. Many prenatal visits could be done in the home. In Nurse Practitioner school we … read more

  • Jo Ann Woodward N P on No. 7
    I love the knowledge prescription and will implement that this week read more

  • Jo Ann Woodward N P on No. 2
    How about bringing the service to the people. Health fairs , workplace service , and school based clinics are some … read more

  • Jo Ann Woodward N P on No. 26
    Nurses need permission from their agencies to enable their empowered skills. As a nurse I know I am part of … read more

  • Jo Ann Woodward N P on No. 7
    Nurse Practitioners are also part of the solution read more

  • Intake.me on No. 4
    On our biweekly #patientchats, we've talked to patients about their input on how they prepare for a doctor's visit. Here's … read more

  • @hieditor on No. 5
    Thanks Michael - really trying hard to find the best way to bring that "virtual bag of health info." to … read more

  • Michael Painter on No. 5
    hieditor--great resource and post. Thanks! Love the Information therapy idea. I wonder if others have great resources they might … read more

  • Susannah Fox on No. 3
    More "What if health care...?" dreams: https://storify.com/SusannahFox/what-if-health-care read more

  • Susannah Fox on No. 3
    This reminds me of a "What if health care...?" tweet that Becky Wolsk wrote: "What if more Americans accepted that … read more

  • @hieditor on No. 5
    We have created a hix (health information prescription) that we call the hi view - a one window view of … read more

  • Michael Painter on No. 5
    Hi (We can't see your name--so I can't respond with a personal greeting)--but I agree. This video is the one … read more

  • disqus_s18WFM2FBN on No. 2
    I like this....I would consider adding a line about food--- as this is so important to health. read more

  • disqus_s18WFM2FBN on No. 5
    Risk bites has a great video on HPV vaccine....https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2xnoTXzP0qs&feature=youtu.be read more

  • Michael Painter on No. 25
    Renee--three cheers for you--I completely agree. Everyone from consumers and patients to health professionals needs to understand the cost … read more

  • Michael Painter on No. 25
    Wyatt--more great stuff. I wonder if there's a Flip in your comment that's worth proposing... Consider it. read more

  • Michael Painter on No. 25
    Wyatt-Great comments--I (and more importantly others) agree with you. See the conversation over at Flip 19, How do you … read more

  • Michael Painter on No. 19
    Michele and Sherry--those are both fantastic examples of smart practices using design thinking to change the clinic--flip it from waiting … read more

  • Wayne Caswell on No. 2
    I like the wellness survey and Susannah's response. And I like seeing Sleep at the top, because of its association … read more

  • jcussi on No. 6
    Have to agree about a peer group as resources--great listening to their stories and encouragement and feeling empowered to be … read more

  • Michele Geiger-Bronsky on No. 19
    The Wellness Center of Door County was built with clients in mind...from the moment the front door opened, the setting … read more

  • ssherlock on No. 6
    F= Find out what is wrong L= Learn all you can about your illness I = Illicit others for support in decision … read more

  • Jodi Sperber on No. 6
    I would take all of what Susannah said and go a little broader, shortening her suggested statement to simply "find … read more

  • Karen Fitzpatrick on No. 4
    Who disinfects them? read more

  • Susannah Fox on No. 6
    I would add "find others who share your condition." The most exciting innovation of the connected health era is people … read more

  • Wyatt Hendricks on No. 25
    Get rid of the practice of giving patients forms to fill out. Instead repurpose the check-in clerk to "Patient Advocate". … read more

  • Wyatt Hendricks on No. 25
    Get rid of the waiting room. It is an extension of the check-in window and is more aptly called the … read more

  • Wyatt Hendricks on No. 25
    Get rid of the patient "CHECK-IN" window.It's purpose is to isolate the patient and insulate administrative staff. It is a … read more

  • Wyatt Hendricks on No. 25
    A good starting point woould be to pay for telephone consults between clinicians and patients. While CPTcodes were created for … read more

  • onegrenouille on No. 27
    Thank you. As suggested by many folks in this conversation - I do contact one of my key physicians before … read more

  • Susannah Fox on No. 27
    Thank you!! This is a fantastic addition. Some patients are more ready than their clinicians are for this transformation. I'd … read more

  • onegrenouille on No. 27
    As the patient who replied, I can certainly say that some of my providers have done this, including interestingly, some … read more

  • Katherine Senzee on No. 7
    Recognize that not all Googling is misguided. Sure, we'd do much better with guidance from you - that's why we … read more

  • WendySueSwanson MD on No. 27
    Preparing for visit demands accurate scheduling (ideally manual entry by the patient and/or family themselves) and a place/space to describe … read more

  • ruraldreams on No. 11
    My daughter has developmental disabilities and we've had early intervention therapists in our home since she was a very young … read more

  • Susannah Fox on No. 27
    I want to capture a bit of a Twitter conversation that just happened since tweets are so ephemeral but are … read more

  • Emily Kramer-Golinkoff on No. 5
    By understanding how each one of us wants and is most likely to obtain the information and then providing a … read more

  • reneewalker on No. 25
    I think it is important for clinicians and patients (consumers) understand what they are paying for. Often times doctors … read more

  • Susannah Fox on No. 21
    The case study rings true, particularly because I know 90% of US adults own a cell phone and, of those, … read more

  • Vic Strecher on No. 27
    A good investment advisor often begins by learning three things: (1) what the client values (e.g., wealth, their family, their … read more

  • Michelle Vicari on No. 7
    Love it. Listen more. Explain your thought process in our treatment. I've had Dr's start writing on their prescription pad … read more

  • Adam Dole on No. 11
    Leveraging technology in simple ways can make aspects of a "home visit" more scalable. Having a patient take a picture … read more