Each Flip presents a bold new way of looking at the healthcare encounter. Powered by community participation, Flips are developed and deployed by those with a stake in the exchange — patients, clinicians, and you.

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Flip No. 100

Improve the informed consent process with media and accessible resources for patients

Improve informed consent for interventional radiology patients by creating media and gathering resources for multiple procedures

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Flip No. 64

Increase Compassionate Care by Listening to Patients and Communities on Social Media

Online narratives are a powerful source of information that shouldn't be ignored

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Flip No. 33

Provide context, improve understanding, and generate empathy between physician and patient

Launch a Twitter campaign (#IWishMyDoc and #IWishMyPatient) to increase shared understanding and publish the results.

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Developed at Flip the Clinic Lab: San Francisco

Flip No. 32

Ease the burden of common problems that come with chronic disease

Self-reporting systems and support help patients when they’re at home.

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Flip No. 6

Taking charge: Ten tips for patients

Make the doctor’s visit work better for you.

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Flip No. 5

Connect patients with resources that resonate

Information should be prescribed as readily as medication.

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Flip No. 3

Encourage healthy, green eating

Farmers markets and other opportunities link health to the community.

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