Each Flip presents a bold new way of looking at the healthcare encounter. Powered by community participation, Flips are developed and deployed by those with a stake in the exchange — patients, clinicians, and you.

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Flip No. 94

Nourish a Patients First Mindset

A visual commitment to put patients first, drives healthcare-wide culture shift

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Flip No. 64

Increase Compassionate Care by Listening to Patients and Communities on Social Media

Online narratives are a powerful source of information that shouldn't be ignored

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Flip No. 55

Increase Digital Health Record Engagement

Take action to encourage access to digital health records.

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Flip No. 35

Meet a patient’s needs at the door

Inspired by a moment at the Apple Store, evaluate a patient when they first arrive to improve the patient experience

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Developed at Flip the Clinic Lab: San Francisco

Flip No. 33

Provide context, improve understanding, and generate empathy between physician and patient

Launch a Twitter campaign (#IWishMyDoc and #IWishMyPatient) to increase shared understanding and publish the results.

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Developed at Flip the Clinic Lab: San Francisco

Flip No. 32

Ease the burden of common problems that come with chronic disease

Self-reporting systems and support help patients when they’re at home.

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Flip No. 6

Taking charge: Ten tips for patients

Make the doctor’s visit work better for you.

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Flip No. 5

Connect patients with resources that resonate

Information should be prescribed as readily as medication.

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Flip No. 4

Use communication cards in the clinic

A deck of cards invites patients to speak openly about their concerns.

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Flip No. 3

Encourage healthy, green eating

Farmers markets and other opportunities link health to the community.

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