A Flip is a bold new way of looking at the clinician-patient encounter, one that both challenges our assumptions about the doctor's visit, and enhances outcomes. Explore and comment on flips, submit your own ideas, host a pilot study, and share results.




Flip No. 1

Flip your Clinic

Are you ready for change?

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Flip No. 11

Bring back the home visit

Engage with patients in their own space.

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Flip No. 21

Lighten the load of overburdened case workers through technology

Tools, like Healthify, assist case workers in health screenings.

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Flip No. 23

Build a health care system based on community values

Take a look at the Nuka System of Care at Alaska’s Southcentral Foundation.

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Flip No. 20

Become a digital physician

Learn the ins and outs of how doctors communicate with patients online.

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Flip No. 22

Use a checklist to avoid mistakes

Atul Gawande’s Project Check helps navigate complex and unpredictable situations.

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Flip No. 25

Shift to a payment system that values communication

New payment models move away from volume-based payment.

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Flip No. 19

Rebuild, rethink, and reconfigure the clinic’s design

Make medical facilities work for the people who use them.

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Flip No. 27

Demonstrate a shared investment in the health and health goals of each patient

Prepare proactively for each patient’s visit.

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Flip No. 18

Find more joy in your practice

Rely on proven techniques to avoid burnout and improve job satisfaction.

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Flip No. 15

Reduce unnecessary health treatments

Leverage Choosing Wisely to demonstrate impact of unnecessary interventions.

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Flip No. 14

Cut down on unnecessary patient visits

Use big data to decide whether or not patients should come in to the clinic.

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Flip No. 6

Taking charge: Ten tips for patients

Make the doctor’s visit work better for you.

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Flip No. 26

Empower nurses to co-create in the clinic

Make their voices heard.

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Flip No. 16

Collect patient-reported data

Integrate patient-reported data into the flow of clinical care.

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Flip No. 13

Address a patient’s most basic needs

Health Leads connect patients to community resources.

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Flip No. 5

Connect patients with resources that resonate

Information should be prescribed as readily as medication.

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Flip No. 4

Use communication guides in the clinic

A deck of cards invites patients to speak openly about their concerns.

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Flip No. 17

Share the electronic health record between a patient and clinician

Improve the experience before, during, and after an appointment through OpenNotes.

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Flip No. 3

Encourage healthy, green eating

Farmers markets and other opportunities link health to the community.

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