Flip No. 49

And one more thing! (A good thing)

Working staff appreciation into the clinic culture.

By Austin Lab Participants

Developed at Flip the Clinic Lab: Austin

A staff member at a busy clinic or hospital takes a lot of orders: prep this room, give this medication, clean up this mess. The constant instructions often reinforce a power dynamic and leave little in the way of employee satisfaction. The cumulative effect of these demands can drag staff energy and workplace enthusiasm down.

The And one more thing! initiative promotes a series of small gifts that would reward a clinic staff member for a bright attitude during a tough time or just pitching in at just the right moment. Ideally, both a clinic’s patients and peer employees would be involved in recognizing clinicians and staff – equally sharing in the role of incentivizing positive interactions in the medical space and enabling the community to recognize those going above and beyond a patient’s expectations. A happier staff would positively influence patient satisfaction with the medical community.