Flip No. 28

Create preventive care incentives

Incentivize patients for on-time wellness and preventative care.

By Stacey Tinianov

To be healthy, engaged patients, we all have some awareness of what annual check-ups and screenings are required. Yet nothing encourages patients to schedule great preventive health routines, nor does the current health insurance payment system encourage practitioners to educate patients on preventive screenings and timelines. Some insurers have experimented with financial incentives for healthy lifestyle changes, like covering gym memberships with demonstrated use of the gym. Are there community-based incentives that a clinical practice might implement to inspire timely screening appointments or up-to-date vaccinations?


  • alicia

    Were I work, the community did some research, and sent dental patients that presented to the ED for toothaches, to a local county clinic to have the tooth pulled that day or the next morning. They found that patient did get the treatment when it was offered free, and could be done sooner rather then waiting for days.

    • Stacey Tinianov

      Thank you for the comment Alicia!
      I imagine much $$ was saved in antibiotics, pain & discomfort. Also education opportunity. Any stats on these, would love to share!