Flip No. 48

Digital health education app

Targeted health information sent to your phone.

By Austin Lab Participants

Developed at Flip the Clinic Lab: Austin

A lot of health information is available online, but it’s not tailored to a specific patient’s needs and there’s no easy filter to separate the good online sources from the bad. An app that shares targeted evidence-based health information with patients after a visit could make a dent in the problem. In addition to learning modules, the app could allow patients to give feedback to their providers and ask questions as they learn, deepening both their engagement and their knowledge.


  • Karim Sandid


    I am family doctor in Paris, and with others we’re working on such tools to help prevention during clinic visits so that it will be more ludic, efficient and interactive for both patient and physician. We want it to be open-source tools so many people as possible will use it and enrich it. We are at the very beginning of the project. I think our initiative fits perfectly with this flip and I would be glad to see how we could collaborate.

    • Whitney Bowman-Zatzkin

      Hello Karim! I’d love to hear the latest on what your team is working on. Please email me at whitney at fliptheclinic.org perhaps we might connect for a Skype?