Flip No. 32

Ease the burden of common problems that come with chronic disease

Self-reporting systems and support help patients when they’re at home.

By UCLAibd

Individuals who contend with chronic illness frequently struggle with the additional burden of common problems like pain, fatigue, stress, depression, anxiety, and sleep deprivation. These symptoms and side effects can undermine a patient’s overall quality of life.

At UCLA’s Inflammatory Bowel Disease Center, the organization partnered with patients to find solutions to everyday illness-related problems. Based on conversations with patients about their needs, the IBD Center developed a supplemental wellness program. With it, patients can access resources like yoga, meditation, and meal planning online. By encouraging daily self-reporting, the IBD Center supports patients within the context of their daily lives—and keeps track of the bigger picture of a patient’s overall health.


  • Sami Kennedy

    Is this already developed? Would love to see this piloted. Many apps for self-tracking exist, but are clunky, not customizable enough, or not visually engaging enough. I think you’re on the right track to creating a better one!

    • Whitney Bowman-Zatzkin

      Hi Sami! This is already out there in the world and doing incredible work through the team at UCLA. http://www.uclaibd.com/ Though much of their work is UCLA-patient focused, there are some excellent resources on their site that would perhaps work as a step forward for you and your clinicians? If not, let’s connect and brainstorm what the fix might be that matches what you’ve experienced. If you’ve got another idea, you can always share it at http://fliptheclinic.org/community/submit-flip/.