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It's your right. Learn how to ask for your electronic medical records, including test results and health history.

It’s your right to ask for your digital health records after every appointment or hospital stay. It’s only by asking for our data that we can double check it for errors, ask questions about what we don’t understand, and become more informed about our health right now, which will help us make better health decisions in the future.

Flip the Clinic has partnered with Get My Health Data to support your effort. You can get a detailed tip sheet about accessing your medical record by clicking the button below.

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Patient experience is the most important indicator in figuring out what health systems are providing patients with easy access to their medical records and what health systems aren’t. By clicking the button below, you’re helping us identify which facilities need some nudging. Together with Get My Health Data, Flip the Clinic will encourage these health centers, so that you and every other patient can get easy access to your health data. We’d love it if you’d share your experience.

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Even as an informed patient, there’s no guarantee that requesting your records will go smoothly. Are you having a hard time accessing your data? We’d love to help.