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I’ll Give Access

Clinicians, medical offices, and health systems, be an open data advocate. Learn how to spread the word about electronic health record access.

Congrats! Giving patients easy access to their health records improves transparency a between clinician and patient. It also gives patients a more grounded understanding in their health and health decisions over time.

To help you get more patients access to their data, in a usable format, Flip the Clinic is happy to provide a support kit. The kit is aimed at helping hospitals, clinics, staff members and practitioners get the word out about electronic medical record file access and use. The kit includes signage to prompt staff about offering patients their data and signage to remind patients about asking staff about their data, as well as suggestions about how and when to offer patients access to their data. Together, we’re supporting a more informed and more engaged patient population.

Download the “Flip #55: Make the Ask” Kit

Download the “P is for Portability” Fact Sheet

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