Flip the Clinic Playbook

Making the things that work. Together.


From traveling the country, meeting people where they live and thrive, to one-on-one efforts with patients and clinicians across the country - we’ve been focused on building the things that work and the ways to achieve them.

We want to make sure we are capturing your voices - those of the community that has built Flip the Clinic. Over the first part of July, we would like to share the first draft of the Playbook with a small workgroup. We need you to read through our earliest thinking, and share your thoughts with us on what works and what needs improvement.

If you're interested in being a part of this group, LET US KNOW!

A link to the Playbook will be emailed to you at the end of June. We will follow up with collaboration tools and there may be a one-hour feedback session hosted via video messaging (with call-in options) mid-July.


We will publicly release the Flip the Clinic Playbook in September 2017.

Media Inquiries

We're happy to assist you with speaking or interview requests. Please submit your inquiries here.

Additionally, we invite everyone to join us online at #FliptheClinic. You can follow our discussions, host the discussions with your team, and submit your Flip ideas for inclusion on the site.