Urgent Ask: Stand Up for Health Data Access Today. Your Voice Could Have a National Impact.

By Whitney Bowman-Zatzkin

Are YOU at a clinic or hospital system with an active electronic health record?

Flip the Clinic is looking for great sites across the US to help pilot Flip #55, our recent Flip created to stimulate greater participation and engagement around digital health records.

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This Flip helps clinics, hospitals, and health systems get the word out about a patient’s right to access their medical record. Flip #55 advocates for a significant culture shift, but success requires just a tiny change. With just a few posted signs and a prompt from the front desk, patients will gain their data—and a deeper short and long term understanding of their own health.

Why is this urgent?

We’re looking for sites and organizations willing to make a commitment by THURSDAY NIGHT (July 2nd, 2015) to pilot the Flip. Piloting the Flip is simple, yet powerful. It means you agree to dive into two basic action steps within the next six months:

  1. Post the provided signage in their waiting rooms, discharge stations, and check-out desks within the clinic prompting patients to ask for a copy of their digital health record. (Note: If needed, Flip the Clinic will print/ship them to a practice.)
  1. Encourage front desk staff and clinicians to ask patients a simple question before they leave the practice: “Would you like us to send a summary of today’s visit and lab results to your email account?”

And yes, patients, we have a role for you in this Flip, too! Is this something you want to see in your clinic or hospital? Reach out! Perhaps you have already tried to connect with a practice for your digital records and have encountered some hurdles – let us know where you’d like to see this Flip take place, and we’ll connect with that site to turn things around. Perhaps you are ready to make the ask for your digital health record and are willing to support this national effort – we’ll connect you to our colleagues at Get My Health Data so you can join their team of tracers.

By July 4th, Health Data Independence Day, we hope to announce our Flip the Clinic Community support for this national effort.

Are you ready to step up to support this Flip?
Take a moment today to share your intent.

Please post on the site or shoot a note to whitney@fliptheclinic.org BY THURSDAY and we will connect with you to share the full scoop on this project and the reason for the urgent ask this week. If this makes you at all curious or intrigued, we promise — you want the full scoop!

Thank you all!


[Photo: Image of Flip #55 materials that will be provided to patients and clinicians engaging on this Flip.]