Flips Unfiltered: The Wealth of Ideas Offered in Durham

By Flip the Clinic

Today is Flip the Clinic Lab day in Durham. Right now eight groups are deep in conversation, working on a second iteration of Flips already presented to their peers. As a group, we’ve converged on eight inspiring ideas. But before the final eight, over a dozen Flip ideas were offered as possibilities. Not all these these were picked up for further development, but it certainly doesn’t mean they weren’t worthy of our attention. Here’s an insider look at what else Durham participants expressed interest in pursuing today.

  • A clinic scheduler to always consider transportation in timing.
  • Patients and clinicians collaborate to create videos based on real stories that document how mistakes in the medical record can lead to real, lasting problems in patient care.
  • Engage family members in health care.
  • A holistic team as a complement to clinical staff. (Consulting / External) Team complements clinical providers with soft  skills and expertise in: nutrition / diet, fitness, community resources navigation, financial, lifestyle coach
  • Patients have access to see providers: Access.
  • I want to increase the number of patients we see in our newly developed clinics, which are located in five elementary schools.
  • I want to explore Telehealth opportunities for our rural children + youth population
  • Auto response to waits longer than ~10 minutes in exam room to improve patient care, outcomes and satisfaction.
  • Engaging patients outside but around health care encounters in health.
  • Can we develop a post visit interactive follow up intervention (like an app) that checks on patient after recent visit, follows up on behavior changes, and feeds to live person if needed.
  • Change / shift the paradigm for data capture from the patient –> Move things that can be done outside of clinic to patients real world environment. Change the language around improvement to be more inclusive (equalize the playing field).
  • In a charity setting where consultations are free (donated) but limited. Develop pre-consultation to mechanism to access referral package by phone in order to: enhance, avoid, expedite. “Borderline” consults.
  • Provide a list of resources to farmers who have extra produce to share. E.G. Farmer Foodshare, Gleaning organizations, etc.
  • Add community resources as a PDF list and make searchable in EHRs so providers can easily access + print out for patients.

Which ideas do think are ready for further development? Let us know in the comments.