Flip No. 62

A Family Support Representative Encourages Adherence

How bringing someone from the outside in can improve patient engagement.

By Durham Lab Participants

Developed at Flip the Clinic Lab: Durham

Whether adhering to an exercise or eating plan, taking medication or taking on the burden of a diagnosis, the support of family or a peer group can be hugely important for patient follow through. Instead of relying on patients to engage their community, clinics could encourage community by asking patients to name a “family support representative”—someone the patient knows who will coordinate encouragement and support. With a signed “engagement release,” this representative could be present for clinic-based discussions of labs or treatment, and could be a second voice in the room asking questions about care plans and taking notes about the instructions in between appointments. The idea is that when the clinician is no longer present, the family representative will be around to offer the patient support.


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