Flip No. 46

A monthly kit for children that promotes health

Healthy habits and teaching games delivered monthly.

By Austin Lab Participants

Developed at Flip the Clinic Lab: Austin

Time is always an issue in the clinic. In the minutes allotted, there’s a limited opportunity to deliver health information face-to-face. Health-related videos and pamphlets hope to fill in what was missed, but they have a narrow appeal—even for those patients with the best intentions. If getting the knowledge to parents is hard, educating children about a healthy lifestyle is even tougher.

Capitalizing on the success of companies like Birch Box and Blue Apron, which deliver a curated selection of goods to the customer’s door, a box filled with activities, games, health-related toys, and videos can help to bridge the gap between annual pediatric check ups. With a themed package delivered every month, the box would provide a regular link to the clinic—as well as a periodic nudge to maintain healthy habits and behaviors for both parents and children.