Flip No. 42

Building a transformation ecosystem by sharing resources

How breaking innovation teams out of silos will benefit the community

By Flip the Clinic

Developed at Flip the Clinic Lab: Phoenix

There is a tremendous amount of health care innovation taking place in clinics, in cities and counties, and in health care systems. However, no matter how successful an in-house innovation team, its total influence is limited to the reach of the organization it serves. What this means is that in any one geographic area, there could be several groups of dedicated people working to find solutions to the same problems. When innovation teams work in silos, it creates a tremendous amount of wasted resources, including duplicated research, parallel pilot programs, and branded solutions available to only those in network.

By building an ecosystem of collaborators that include representatives from academia, sustainability sectors, venture capital firms, start-ups, communications firms, and the policy sector, major innovation groups within a community can become more transparent about the problems they’re facing, sharing resources, rather than wasting them. These representatives could work together in a small group first before sharing out overlapping interests and ideas to their organizations.

Starting from a community’s most urgent health needs, this collaboration would be able to track its success over time.