Flip No. 60

Create a Crowd-Sourced Online Hub for Community Resources

By Durham Lab Participants

Developed at Flip the Clinic Lab: Durham

When you Google counseling or food kitchen or busses, what you get is a waterfall of resources. Even the most savvy internet users get overwhelmed by the number of choices and how difficult it is to determine which option will best meet your needs. Some cities have 311 systems—a call in service supported by city governments—that help citizens find the service or office they need. But in areas where something like 311 isn’t available, a community-created database with an Angie’s List-like trustworthiness score (but offered for free) could connect citizens with their community while also connecting patients and clinical staff with additional resources to serve their health goal needs.

Say you’re a counseling center that offers flexible pricing. You could add yourself to the database, geotag the office’s information, and make it clear that you serve low-income families. If a construction company offers to build ramps free of charge for patients in need, it could add itself to the database, too. Each service would be given a trustworthiness score calculated from user feedback and verification. This hub aims to improve the health of a community by improving access to already available services.


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