Flip No. 87

Huddle for Clinical Health

Checking in as staff members to trouble shoot for a smoother and more efficient clinic.

By Team Rocky Mountain Youth Clinics

Developed at Flip the Clinic Lab: Denver

Clinics get so focused on taking care of their patients, it can be easy to forget to take care of their people, the clinicians, support staff, and medical assistants who run the clinics. If the clinic is going to run efficiently and smoothly, everyone’s voice needs to be both valued and heard. But how do you build that environment while you’re running three different clinics, and nine others in public schools? With daily check in huddles in each location, leveraging one of Flip the Clinic’s tools.

By making sure clinic staff meet every morning to run through communication processes, concerns for the day, and staffing issues, all team members have the opportunity to present solutions before problems even arise. By meeting together, the staff can also start the morning by celebrating the great work it does every day, giving each team member something to be proud of.