Flip No. 90

Patient-driven Appointment Prep

When patients are better-prepared, clinical interactions are more meaningful.

By Team Melon Health

Developed at Flip the Clinic Lab: Denver

Sometimes when we walk into the doctor’s office, our minds go blank. The questions we should be asking—even the questions we meant to ask—go out the window. So how do we better prepare ourselves, so that we get the answers we need, and have better and more meaningful interactions with our doctors?

The solution is pretty simple: a mobile app that prompts us to think about and record our questions three days before we even see our doctors. By considering and answering questions like, “What symptoms am I experiencing,” and “How is my treatment affecting my life?” patients prepare themselves for a more productive visit. It’s a solution that’s perfect for patients, and a particularly helpful tool for caregivers, who need to keep track of someone else’s health needs. If patients do get that blank-minded feeling, they have a cheat sheet right there in their pockets.