Flip No. 47

Scheduling a pre-visit phone call

How onboarding a patient earlier could improve clinic efficiency.

By Austin Lab Participants

Developed at Flip the Clinic Lab: Austin

Before patients come in for surgery, they receive a call from a nurse prepping them for the procedure. Patients going into the clinic, however, rarely get any onboarding or preparatory call at all. But why not? A phone call before even a routine check up could make profound difference by helping a clinic visit run more smoothly, saving time, and ensuring that patients’ core needs are addressed once they arrive for their appointment. A scheduling template and scripted prompts during the call would add structure to the interaction, and integrating notes into the electronic medical record would ease the transition from the time a patient makes an appointment to the time of the visit. One phone call is a small adjustment with a significant potential payoff: higher quality time during the office visit.