Flip No. 85

Setting Health Data Startups on FHIR

Helping smaller players create innovative tools by increasing data sharing.

By Team Commerce Kitchen

Developed at Flip the Clinic Lab: Denver

Thanks to the digital revolution, we have more medical data than ever before. But at the moment, all of that data is siloed in different systems, and startups that have the potential to build new, innovative tools can’t get the access they need. So how do we put all that data to work for us? By building new FHIR-enabled tools that allow for the easy and safe sharing of data.

Large health care systems and their EHRs have already committed to using FHIR, a draft standard and API that enables the sharing of electronic medical records. But too many smaller entities aren’t FHIR-enabled. Instead of waiting for the biggest companies to hand down standards from on high, Commerce Kitchen wants to write the code for a FHIR-enabled module that will allow early-stage companies to connect with large health care systems, making it possible for the two to share data and create tools that allow users to take action.

Within the next few months, Commerce Kitchen plans to get the module up and running, and to set up a confederation of pilot programs among smaller entities. The keys to the process? Validated partnerships, secured data, and making sure that every component is HIPAA-compliant.