Flip No. 54

Submit your basic health information once

How a Portable Patient Portal can cut down on form fatigue and inaccuracies.

By Austin Lab Participants

Developed at Flip the Clinic Lab: Austin

Do you have asthma? Have you had any operations? Are you allergic to any medications?

Patients are asked to fill out the same forms time and time again—and that’s a problem. Repeating these essentials can leave patients feeling frustrated and disconnected from their clinicians—or worse, feeling disempowered and disengaged. A patient’s basic health information should be input into a form once, ready for clinics, hospitals and specialists to reference, update, and transfer to the EHR at a practice, as needed.

Initially launching with a few questions that have the broadest appeal across disciplines, the Portable Patient Portal can start as a single sheet of paper. With user testing and electronic medical record integration, the goal is to have the patient’s form input and transferred across systems online. That way the new allergist would know about a patient’s asthma diagnosis—without a patient having to fill out 15 pages of repeated paperwork.