Flip No. 56

Taking Communication Out of the Clinic

Create a Two-Way Patient-Clinician Portal to Improve Health and Satisfaction

By Durham Lab Participants

Developed at Flip the Clinic Lab: Durham

We’re encouraged to check our smoke alarms twice a year, at the same time as we change our clocks for daylight savings. Why aren’t routine health reminders as easy to remember? It would be an easy enough thing to get engaged patients to opt in for a set of healthy living reminders. But to make something truly Flip-worthy, the communication would have to extend both ways.

Imagine a two-way portal that would not only send alerts to patients, but also allow patients a direct line to their clinicians. And just as easily as clinicians could send reminders and updates to care, patients could log into the portal and update their profile with relevant health information—perhaps an exercise log or a question about a breast self-exam, prompted by the system’s reminder.

All together, this exchange—a sort of highway to health—could promote an ongoing relationship between patient and clinician, while also making in-person visits more productive. Less time would be devoted to catching up so that more time could be spent focusing on care.

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