Flip No. 84

Fill Transportation Gaps with Community Volunteers

Ensure the chronically ill don't miss out on necessary care because of transportation.

By Team Transportation for Health

Developed at Flip the Clinic Lab: Denver

For the chronically ill, transportation services to regular appointments can be a godsend. But scheduling these services can be tricky, and they’re not always available or reliable. And when patients miss appointments or when drop off or pick up times don’t align with a facility that’s running behind, it can seriously affect a patient’s health, and even lead to hospitalization.

So how do we fill that gap? By creating a pilot program of volunteer drivers. From college students to faith groups and local schools, there are plenty of community members who would be willing to give patients a ride home in a pinch. By supplementing the system currently in place, no volunteer would be overwhelmed, and patients can have a reliable plan for safe transportation to and from essential appointments.