Flip No. 38

Use trusted community places as health information hubs

Delivering health information from a trusted source where people gather naturally

By Flip the Clinic

Developed at Flip the Clinic Lab: Phoenix

For many low income communities, gaining access to trusted health resources can be challenging and expensive. What if, instead of requiring people to seek out health information, valuable resources were offered where community members already congregate?

Libraries pose an appealing opportunity to deliver underserved populations essential health, medical, and community resources as well as guidance and support. These so-called Health Hubs might ask librarians to opt in to expand their roles, bring in volunteers for training, or promote a sharing economy model. In the sharing economy model, community volunteers might be compensated for their work in a way that doesn’t involve money, perhaps with complimentary access to health services or groceries donated by a supermarket. Alternatively, these Health Hubs could fund training programs and staff hours by seeking sponsorship from area corporations and businesses. Health Hubs could both improve a community’s access to vital health information—and increase their trust in it.