Introducing Our Stellar Summit Faculty

By Flip the Clinic

You know that person who swoops in at just the right moment? That one whose suggestion clears the way for a breakthrough? Or who offers a new take on a problem that instantly strengthens the solution?  

We’re so pleased to introduce you to the Summit’s faculty. With expertise ranging from design to business development to in-the-clinic innovation, these eight were chosen for their deep knowledge, their energy, as well as their willingness to share what they know. Think of them as roaming boosters—people ready to jump in to help whenever they’re needed. We’re so looking forward to introducing them properly at the Summit. In the meantime, here’s a peek at our inspiring faculty members.

Adam Brodsley

Principal/Creative Director at Volume@volumesf

Adam is the co-founder of the award-winning multi-disciplinary firm, Volume Inc. His design work aims to create the artifacts, systems and experiences that activate, motivate and inspire.

Alexandra Lee

New Business Director, REDSCOUT@alexandrawlee

Alexandra loves to: ask questions, listen to stories, and make things happen that tangibly improve an individual’s experience of the world.

Darcy Winslow

CEO/Managing Partner, Academy for Systemic Change

I graduated from Nike in 2008 after 21 years in a variety of management positions. I am now CEO of the Academy for Systemic Change.

Ed Porter

Leadership Consultant, Noli-Porter Associates

I help groups use the most effective tools to engage all constituencies in courageous problem solving, action planning, and implementation.

Keith Seidel

Medical director, Southeast Health Center, @sf_dph

I trained in the US and have worked in Public Health in both urban clinics and rural Indian Health sites. I moved to London where I worked for the NHS before moving to San Francisco to become the medical director at Southeast Health Center.

Mike Painter

Senior Program Officer, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation@paintmd

From Oklahoma originally, I’m a member of Cherokee Nation. I moved to California for law school and legal practice where I met my wife. We moved to Seattle where I became a physician caring for urban American Indians and then D.C. to improve the nation’s health. In 2005, I landed at RWJF, and I’ve been there ever since.

Stacey Tinianov

Consultant, @coffeemommy

Professional educator and communicator empowering patients and caregivers through collaborative education and community building. Self-advocating breast cancer patient. Health IT strategist. Coffee drinker.

Thomas Goetz

Co-founder, Iodine@tgoetz

Thomas is the co-founder of Iodine, a health technology company with the mission of turning medical research data into clear and actionable tools for ordinary, people and the former executive editor of Wired. As entrepreneur-in-residence at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, he had an idea to transform the medical visit. That idea became Flip the Clinic.

Travis Robinson

Partner, Slow Money@SlowMoney

Travis has spent the last two decades as a business builder and impact investor in early stage innovative business and social enterprise. Travis has had a life long interest in societal health and wellness related issues and in 2011, Travis teamed up with Kimbal Musk to start The Kitchen Community, creating the Learning Garden to connect kids and parents to real food in schools and communities across the country.