Introducing Our Summit Teams!

By Flip the Clinic

In less than a week, a dozen-or-so teams will be landing in Denver to attend Flip the Clinic’s first ever Summit. From electronic health record interoperability to better transportation for dialysis patients, these groups are gearing up to tackle some very ambitious problems. And they’re ready. Each group is stacked with people who will add expertise and energy to the project. To support them, Flip the Clinic is bringing a set of skilled faculty and facilitators to push the projects further and cheer the teams on. We. Can. Not. Wait.

In fact, we can’t possibly keep these great teams to ourselves any longer. Flip the Clinic community, we’d like to introduce you to our wonderful / inspiring / motivated / dazzling Summit teams!

Children’s Integrated Center for Success

Location: Lehigh Valley, PA

Twitter: @CICsuccess

Team Name: The Flipped Unicorns

Children’s Integrated Center for Success (CICS) is a multidisciplinary behavioral health treatment center in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley committed to serving the needs of children and adolescents living with Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADHD, Anxiety, and Mood Disorders. CICS is the only nurse-led health care group practicing in the state—and one that strived to be a “Flipped Clinic” from the beginning. Since opening last year, it has grown exponentially. CICS comes to the Summit in an effort to meet the demands of a thriving practice with purpose, efficiency, and with the best interests of its patients and staff in mind.

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

Location: Cincinnati, OH and Philadelphia, PA


Twitter: @MarlaJan and @EKeeleyMoore

Team Name: Lost in Transition

Erin Moore and MarlaJan DeFusco will combine forces with a group from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital to design strategies to strengthen communication between health centers and children who have chronic conditions. Building from Flip #63, which seeks to improve how information is delivered to children through illustration, and Flip #72, which maps out a way to bridge the gap between pediatrics and adult care, the Lost in Transition team will find ways to improve a child’s understanding of their chronic condition while they’re young so they can better manage it when they’re on their own.


Location: San Francisco, CA

Twitter: @Counsyl

Team Name: Support the Feels

Counsyl is working to make DNA screening just as simple, and just as common, as going to the doctor for a physical. By keeping costs low and providing results in straightforward, easy-to-understand language, they’re putting potentially life-changing information within everyone’s reach. But Counsyl is focusing on more than just delivery. Building upon progress they’ve made since attending the San Francisco Lab, they’re ready to dive into what happens after patients receive a screening. Counsyl will look into what knowledge and support patients need to give genetic information context and value. They want to provide more than a test result; they want to form lasting relationships with patients.

Children’s Hospital Colorado and EngageMyHealth

Location: Centennial, CO and Aurora, CO


Twitter: @ChildrensColo and @EngageMyHealth

Team Name: Spine Prime

The mobile patient engagement platform EngageMyHealth is working together with the Children’s Hospital Colorado, which strives to improve the health of children through the provision of high-quality coordinated programs of patient care, education, research and advo- cacy, to help young patients become more involved in their health through technology. This team will be working on tablet-based programs that draw young patients in and offer them continuing education and information by focusing on the hospital’s unique approach to care, surgery planning, and postoperative management and recovery for teens facing complex spinal surgeries to treat scoliosis.

Melon Health

Location: San Francisco, CA

Twitter: @MelonHealth

Team Name: Patient First

Sponsored by: CTIA-The Wireless Association

Melon Health uses cost-effective, innovative, and scalable mobile health solutions to improve care. Their goal is to enable people to take control of their health by giving them the tools, support, information, motivation and confidence to manage their health. During the Summit, the Melon Health team will focus on how to reach out to patients to improve chronic disease prevention and management. They’ll be focusing specifically on improving after-visit care compliance.

Eugene S. Farley, Jr. Health Policy Center

Location: Aurora, CO

Twitter: @miller7

Team Name: Fragmentation Fighters

The Eugene S. Farley Jr. Health Policy Center at the University of Colorado School of Medicine houses a team of qualified clinicians, evaluators and integration advocates collaborating to improve access to quality primary care services and behavioral health organizations in the United States. At the Summit, representatives from the Farley Health Policy Center will be diving into how to leverage available data measures to design more effective community health interventions in Colorado, specifically focusing on ways to better address mental health.

Rocky Mountain Youth Clinics

Location: Denver, CO

Twitter: @TheRMYC

Team Name: MAXCESS

Rocky Mountain Youth Clinics (RMYC) is a non- profit organization that provides quality health care to over 22,000 children—from newborns to age 21— in schools, hospitals, clinics and mobile units across Colorado. RMYC partners with the community to connect kids and families to the services they need, even beyond health care. RMYC is attending the Summit to design ways to meet the growing needs of the population it serves, including finding ways to check in with more patients per day—without compromising RMYC’s quality standards.

Commerce Kitchen

Location: Denver, CO

Twitter: @CommerceKitchen

Team Name: The FHIR House

Tackling the challenges of Electronic Health Record interoperability, the FHIR House group aims to take down some of the barriers that stand in the way of a patient accessing their health record data. With members joining the Summit from Denver’s product development company Commerce Kitchen, FHIR House is a team experienced in tackling knotty digital problems. The team will work to clear some of the technical barriers that stop organizations from implementing Flip #55, which aims to increase digital health record engagement.

Public Health Data for Good

Location: San Francisco, CA

Twitter: @HealthPolicyGrp

Team Name: Bayside

How can public health data not only improve our understanding of the world but also become better plugged into health centers, services, clinics, and communities? Better information exchange between organizations and broader information dissemination could produce powerful public health improvements. Hailing from California, team members are well positioned to connect important data with the people and organizations that could not only benefit from it most, but also take action to change health outcomes in their area.

MN Community Measurement

Location: Minneapolis, MN

Twitter: @MNHealthScores

Team Name: Measuring Transportation for Health

Flip the Clinic Lab participant Jen Schnabel and team will expand upon the work Jen started at Flip the Clinic’s Minneapolis Lab (see Flips #80 and #81). The Measuring Transportation for Health Flips group will build out a patient transportation system that better meets the needs of those it’s designed to serve, including on-demand rides instead of rigidly scheduled ones and drivers trained in community health outreach. The goal is to seamlessly match community and clinic resources to the patients that need them. These small improvements in transportation and outreach could powerfully improve a patient’s life.

Colorado Coalition for the Homeless

Location: Denver, CO

Twitter: @COCoalition

Team Name: House of Health

The Colorado Coalition for the Homeless has been helping the homeless for more than 30 years. The Coalition believes that housing is crucial when determining a patient’s ability to achieve health goals—especially in the face of a chronic condition. Instead of hoping the homeless will seek medical care before they have housing, The Coalition meets patients where they are, operating a mobile unit that stops by homeless shelters all over the Denver area, while also working to match the homeless with housing. At the Summit, The Coalition will advance their ideas about meeting the health needs of the local homeless population.