Putting our Elements to the Test

By Flip the Clinic

Two years ago, the Flip the Clinic team ventured out to meet with the best and brightest minds, from patients, caregivers, and clinicians to students, executives, and policy-makers, to tackle the pressing issues we all face in our day-to-day health encounters. We traveled to eight different cities, met hundreds of new faces, and collected A LOT of data. That feedback has provided an excellent window into which processes have and haven’t worked in our community, and led to the creation of the core Elements of Flip the Clinic, our best take on what creates a truly Flipped Clinic. These Elements are People-Centered, Nourishing, Joyful, Transparency, and Expansive.



To kick off 2017, we headed to Allentown, Pennsylvania, to partner with our friends at the Children’s Integrated Center for Success (CICS) on a pilot program we’ve dubbed our “Flipped Clinic Sprint.” By applying each of the Elements to real-world experience, our goal is to collaborate with the team at CICS to add value for patients, employees, and the surrounding community by addressing the human side of health care and co-creating a practice environment that resonates for everyone involved.

Flipping a clinic launches with a 100-day intensive set of activity, learning journeys, assessment, evaluation, and reality awareness – all while the practice is still seeing patients and providing care!

We’re really excited to get started! We will be posting updates, stories, and interesting tid-bits from the field, and we hope you’ll continue to provide the same level of feedback that has proven to be crucial to the evolution and success of Flip the Clinic.

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