A Peek at What’s Next

By Whitney Bowman-Zatzkin

Our family at Flip the Clinic never ceases to amaze me.

  • When we are struggling to find an electrician to answer a question to help a practice with a unique layout, someone stands up and calls their cousin.
  • When we are completely stumped and searching to bring in new voices to tough conversations, a group comes forward saying they want to help.
  • When we are faced with complete adversity and disagreement, a voice shouts, “Well, someone refill the coffee! We are going to need to dig in on this.”

Navigating those stormy moments are the foundation of what makes Flip the Clinic something special and accentuates our ability to reach beyond a Flip design process to something deeper and more meaningful. Something that shifts the DNA of our community to one of service to one another rather than a checklist of IOUs and scorekeeping.

Thank you for the enriching experience this puts out into the healthcare world.

We’ve had a busy few months and we’re long overdue to catch up you! Here’s a small sneak peek at our latest.

Flipping a Clinic

We’re wrapping up a six-month effort working with our friends at the Children’s Integrated Center for Success and we have much to share on our experience there – both the inspiring and the challenging moments, like making the tough decision to call for a full-stop on the changemaking efforts! We’ll be sharing those stories, including our decision process and the details you, yourself, may find you relate to in our newsletter and here on our site.

On the Road Again

We’ve also been on the road quite a bit!
Where are we next? Catch us here:

The Flip the Clinic Playbook

As you all know from the post a few weeks ago, we are working on our finishing touches to the Flip the Clinic Playbook. Flooded with ideas, inspiration, and gritty reality checks, the Playbook just went through a 50-person peer review process and we are putting together those ideas to share with everyone in mid September.