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Get Tested! Clinicians share their own stories to encourage patients

By Whitney Bowman-Zatzkin

We’re all vulnerable at different points in our life, and sometimes we are lucky enough to provoke a moment of awesome and inspiration from the depths of our vulnerability to inspire those around and ahead of us.

Flip the Clinic had the gift of capturing such a moment this year when we visited our friends in San Francisco at the Southeast Health Center.

We’ve featured Dr. Keith Seidel’s Apple Store-inspired, Flip the Clinic contributions both in our Flip #35 and our recent “Flip the Clinic is You” video. His team of patients and clinicians and staff have gone on to produce a “tactical nurse” approach to the morning check-in meetings, they’ve implemented a happiness voting system with patients when they leave the appointment so the team can, in real-time, know what the patient experience is like, and, they’ve come together as a practice to support Keith during the year he faced in 2015.

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What We Wish for When We Wish for a Better Health Care Experience

By Katherine Martinko, Illustration by Melissa Zarou

This post was first published on Medium. It is reposted here with permission from its author.

As a UX team, our highest duty is to serve the people who will be using our products; people dealing with a stressful day or a stressful diagnosis. The best part of our job is when we actually get to talk to these people. We get a few nurses on the phone, or we go room-to-room visiting patients in hospitals, trying to learn more about their lives and needs. We call this ‘discovery work’, and because of deadlines and other constraints, we don’t get to do it every single day. That’s why we get really excited when we see other people doing inspiring things we can learn from.

Flip the Clinic (an amazing project from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation) held a Twitter conversation in February starting with the hashtags #IWishMyDoc and #IWishMyPatient (Flip #33). Hundreds of people shared their thoughts and generated new threads using #IWishMyHospital, #IWishMyClinic, #IWishMyNurse, #IWishMyInsurer, and #IWishHealthcare. Read more

Q&A: Whitney Bowman-Zatzkin Talks about Flip the Clinic’s Day at the White House

By Flip the Clinic

Last Wednesday, Flip the Clinic’s Whitney Bowman-Zatzkin took the stage at the White House Champions of Change event focused on the President’s Precision Medicine Initiative to share some wonderful news about Flip 55. Fifteen organizations had committed to helping patients get access to their electronic health records. That means Flip 55 has a potential reach 160 thousand clinicians and 20 million patients. It was a wonderful moment for Flip the Clinic, but just the start of some extraordinary things to come. We interviewed Whitney to find out what she learned from the inspiring people and organizations at the event and to hear about what happens after you go the White House.

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