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Elements of a Flipped Clinic Part V: Expansive

By Flip the Clinic

This is the final post in a five-part series focusing on the elements of a Flipped Clinic. For a bit more background, be sure to check out our first four posts that discuss the Flipped Clinic as people-centered, nourishing, joyful, and transparent.

A Flipped Clinic is expansive. It values the people and places outside the traditional clinic walls that play an important role in a person’s health. Health happens at home, at school, and at work, as well as with family members, friends, and neighbors. When we consider how to improve health and health care, we take in the whole picture of a person’s life. Read more

Elements of Flipped Clinic, Part I: People-Centered

By Flip the Clinic

Over the last two years of working on Flip the Clinic, patients, clinicians, designers, policy-makers—you—have had a lot of really important things to say about what makes Flip the Clinic a powerful idea. Well, we’ve been listening. We’ve diligently bottled all that feedback and taken notes on what has and hasn’t worked within the community, in an effort to distill it. Because at the core of Flip the Clinic is a theory that we should learn-by-doing. Not all things we’ve tried have worked and others have pleasantly surprised us. It is through this experimentation that we’ve been able to get clearer on what’s working. Today, we’re uncorking the result. Below are the five elements of a Flipped Clinic as we see them now. Read more