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Get Tested! Clinicians share their own stories to encourage patients

By Whitney Bowman-Zatzkin

We’re all vulnerable at different points in our life, and sometimes we are lucky enough to provoke a moment of awesome and inspiration from the depths of our vulnerability to inspire those around and ahead of us.

Flip the Clinic had the gift of capturing such a moment this year when we visited our friends in San Francisco at the Southeast Health Center.

We’ve featured Dr. Keith Seidel’s Apple Store-inspired, Flip the Clinic contributions both in our Flip #35 and our recent “Flip the Clinic is You” video. His team of patients and clinicians and staff have gone on to produce a “tactical nurse” approach to the morning check-in meetings, they’ve implemented a happiness voting system with patients when they leave the appointment so the team can, in real-time, know what the patient experience is like, and, they’ve come together as a practice to support Keith during the year he faced in 2015.

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Elements of a Flipped Clinic, Part II: Nourishing

By Flip the Clinic

This post is the second in a series focusing on the five elements of a Flipped Clinic. To read a bit more about the background, plus our take on the first element, check out our first post here

A Flipped Clinic is one that’s nourishing. What do we mean by that? It’s an environment where patients and clinicians feel welcomed and supported both by the clinic’s design and by the entire clinic community. Read more

Momentum in Minneapolis: A Report from the Latest Lab

By Eva Starrak

On a crisp and beautiful day in early October, roughly thirty people gathered to attend the seventh – and last – Flip the Clinic Lab in Minneapolis, MN. The venue, and backdrop of the Minneapolis skyline tinged with a hint of autumn, could not have been more inspiring to those in attendance. As participants filtered into the sun filled room, a few entering as an assembled group, but many attending solo, they were encouraged to share their morning coffee with an unfamiliar face. As I drifted around the room, I caught bits and pieces of conversations popping up between these new acquaintances. It became clear quickly that a theme was already emerging: a great sense of care for the Minneapolis community among the participants, who included doctors, nurses, students, educators, patients, and local business stakeholders. Read more

Flip the Clinic is You!

By Flip the Clinic

Over the last ten months, Flip the Clinic has visited communities across the country. Since our first Lab in San Francisco last January, we’ve had the great pleasure of watching ideas that sprouted during and between those events grow into Flips that have powerfully transformed the clinic, the community, and the connection to our health data.

Please join us in celebrating a year of transformative ideas, scrappy pilot programs, and people all over the country standing up —with tremendous might and gumption—to make health and health care a more joyful experience.

This is just the beginning. Flip the Clinic is You. Read more

The Spark that Inspired Flip #63: Pairing Children’s Book Illustrators with Evidence

By Flip the Clinic & Erin Moore

Sometimes, like a brilliantly colored kite overhead, we spot an idea that we think everyone should see. And it was in this way that we met Erin Moore, the author of Flip 63. During regular care for her son, Erin encountered a real-life pinch point. Her five-year-old son wanted to know more about a procedure but no child-specific educational materials were available to explain it. She thought, but if he’s smart enough to ask the question, shouldn’t he be smart enough to learn the answer? Erin wrote a blog post about kid-centered medical educational materials and then tweeted it out. She knew she was onto something when parents and coworkers—ones she didn’t know personally—started getting in touch. We at Flip the Clinic were similarly inspired by the idea. The blog post below is how Erin’s inspiring Flip idea started. To see how it’s evolved, check out her Flip here and get involved! Read more

Flip the Clinic Goes to the White House!

By Flip the Clinic

Flip the Clinic is proud to announce it has been chosen as one of the organizations featured at the White House Champions of Change for Precision Medicine event. Flip the Clinic’s program director Whitney Bowman-Zatzkin will share the news of a transformational idea that has been picked up by over a dozen health systems, organizations, and clinics across the country. Right now, the solution—what Flip the Clinic calls “Flip 55”—is set to reach 20 million patients and 160 thousand clinicians. And interest is only growing.

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